Monday, 23 May 2011

How To Correct A Slice

I have a useful information about how to get a six pack which can be found here however, this post is to do with how to correct a slice.

While playing golf can be a relaxing event, more often than not, if we are beginners the game can be very frustrating. We have to deal with a variety of different issues that limit our ability to improve. For one, learning how to correct a slice is quite important as it is a very common shot mistake that a lot of beginners struggle with.

The fundamental aspect behind a slice is that the club face is often open as we strike the ball. This open club face causes the ball to spin and curve out towards the right if you are right handed. Often times the reason the club face is open is due to the golfing grip that we have on the club. If the grip is too weak then the club will move through your hands and open as it strikes the ball. We often then overcompensate on this and try and grip the club very tight which doesn’t allow the proper movement through the hips.

These are just two things that we can learn to improve on if we wish to learn how to correct a slice. If you wish to know more about how to correct a slice then I would advise you follow the link. It will provide a few more reasons and advice that can help set you on your way to play better golf and even learn more golf tips

Please watch the below video that will provide you with a brief video demonstration of how to correct a slice.